Mnemonic Guard for Web Access Control - Trial Course

You can experiment the security and usability by of Mnemonic Guard following the procedures mentioned below.

  1. Print the operation manual

  2. Register your E-Mail address, to which a temporary ID/password will be sent.

  3. Having received the temporary ID/password, come back to our website and click here, and perform the user registration in accordance with the operation manual.

    * When you have gone through the first authentication with the temporary password, you would see the virtual reception of an Internet Hospital. Press [Allocation] button, and you could repeat the registration of different pictures with different pass-symbols. If you press [Logoff], you would go back to the top page.

    * When you have reached the limit of the unauthorized use, the access under the same ID will be rejected. If you send the temporary ID/password to from your registered E-Mail address to which these had been sent, we would recover your access right so that you may carry on further trials.

    * If you send a file of 16, 36 or 64 symbols prepared in jpeg format, attached to your e-mail in which your temporary ID/password and the name of the symbol collection are quoted, to from your registered mail address, we would place these symbols into your account so that you may try the Mnemonic Guard with your own picture.