Protecting data securely with easy operation. Cryptomnemo is data encryption software that creates and reproduces an encryption key by Mnemonic

How to Operate

1 Set up Cryptomnemo within a folder or Drive where you want to store encrypted data.
2 Click the icon on Explorer to show the Mnemonic Guard's set-up screen, and register your pass symbols using the default or your original verification screen.
3 The next time you click the icon, the Mnemonic verification screen will appear allowing you to select your pass symbols for verification. Once the verification is completed, an exclusive Viewer screen will open.
1) Drag and drop a file you want to encrypt from Explorer to the Viewer. The file will be encrypted and stored within the folder that has been selected within the Viewer.
2) By dragging and dropping the encrypted files from the Viewer to Explorer or the Desktop, the files will be decoded within the original folder or on the Desktop.


By double-clicking an encrypted file within the Viewer, an application will start to show the decoded file on the screen.

2) When you close the above file, any changes you may have made will be saved on the encrypted file.
  * You can also delete files within the Viewer. Operations other than deleting can be performed on Explorer.

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