Mnemonic Guard
Mnemonic Guard is a stress-free user verification technology that uses the long term memory and automatically detect and reject attackers.
Legitimate Users can verify themselves by only selecting the pass symbols that they can recognise. Errors that registered users are likely to make are accepted repeatedly, therefore there is no stress.
Attackers make errors that a registered user will never make.
For example, the Software judges that this is not the registered user at the second error.
Program freezes
You will never fail in verification even if you are panicking, because the photos are linked with your memory. This is easy for the elderly, too.
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Need in the IT society
Security Level
Dynamic Encryption
Various Usages
How to Operate
Mnemonic Guard
Mnemonic Guard
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Product Requirements

  Minimum Spec Recommended Spec
CPU Celeron 500MHz + -
Memory 128MB + 256MB +
OS Windows2000 SP4 or WindowsXP SP1 -


Having entered the licence number, a registered user who has bought the licence can make more than one copy of the software for personal use.


Please send an e-mail to the address below:


AES is used for data encryption and is recommended by CRYPTREC.
Can be used with various memory devices that are Windows compatible.

Where to buy/Price

Software and a licence number can be downloaded from our own or our distributors' website.
Licence price is US$49.- (tax not inclusive)

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