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A correct encryption key is regenerated as you select the correct pass-symbols, and is destroyed when the encrypt/decrypt operations are over.
You are going to have your secret data encrypted for mobile computing.Good!

How do you protect the encryption key for it?

Should the encryption key be stolen or known by a third party, it is obvious that your secret could no longer be protected by encryption.

There is a solution in our brain - sweet episode memory. We should be able to make use of that resource of our own for re-generating the encryption key which had been destroyed into non-existence. Nobody can steal something that does not exist.

The solution is CryptoMnemo.

Simple & Easy Operations
You need only to drag and drop the file(s) and folder(s) onto CryptoMnemo icon for encryption and decryption. All the files in the specified folders will be either encrypted or decrypted. The encryption key goes through the cycle of generation, use, deletion, re-generation, use, deletion, re-generation- - - - - - -
Your memory is used as an encryption key. Security is ensured as long as your memory remains a secret.
  *An encryption key is automatically generated by personal verification based on long-term visual memory (sweet old images) performed by Mnemonic Guard.
  The encryption key does not exist except during the encryption or decryption process after verification.
No restriction on replication after the initial setup (finalization of the encryption key)
  *The software and the data can be copied together to other memory devices and the PCs. These copies serve as the backup against a loss of the U3 Smart Drive.
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Mnemonic Guard (mnemonic verification function)
Set image passwords introduced instead of conventional passwords that consist of characters
(The image passwords are referred to as "pass-symbols" in this manual )
Personal verification system based on long-term visual memory (sweet old image)
You are unlikely ever to fail to reproduce the encryption key. You have only to select the images you had long remembered.
Stress-free verification process:The sort of errors that you are likely to make are permissible and you can keep trying again and again.
Attacker detection:The sort of wrong input that you are unlikely to make will be determined to have been made by an attacker and rejected at an early stage.
Unlimited combinations of personal photos and illustrations to create pass-symbols: Register your memorable images as pass-symbols for verification and mix them with unfamiliar images. You will never fail to find your pass-symbols.
A redundant loop (child lock) with a pseudo-verification screen is optionally provided as a relief measure in case the illegal access detection function has been triggered by absent-minded mistake or by a mischievous child.
The software stops operation when the use is finally deemed unauthorized.
Mix your heart-warming photos with unmoving ones.
To pass the personal verification, simply find those favourite images.
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Quick start
If you want to try a quick start, you can choose as many images as you find familiar or that are linked with memorable events on a template verification screen. You could associate the selected images with a story made of your own pleasant experience you have long remembered.Two of such examples are shown below.
Choose pass-symbols related to a memorable event involving animals
It was in the year of the dragon that I married my wife, who does not like rabbits.
For our honeymoon, we visited Atagawa Tropical & Alligator Garden
Associate pass-symbols with a story inspired by a memorable event.
It was part of my daily routine during the time I spent in Kyoto, where there are many temples.
Every morning, I went out on my bicycle and walked my dog. I would then have a cup of coffee.
We recommend that you will change to your own original verification screen later on for better security in accordance with the guideline given in Symbol Screen Creation/Edition.
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